Dear Friends of Equality,

It is with great joy that Monadnock Live Free and Equal is celebrating the defeat of HB 437, the repeal of Marriage Equality.  On March 21st, 2012, after a fifteen month grassroots effort to stop the repeal of marriage equality in NH, we won.

This victory in NH over discrimination and inequality is historic.  Our collective efforts to protect Marriage Equality in NH have persevered!

After two hours of debate and attempts to pass a handful of dangerous amendments, the NH House of Representatives voted overwhelmingly in support of equality and against HB 437 in a vote -202 to 133 (final vote was 211 to 116).

Marriage Equality was passed into law in 2009 in NH. HB 437 would not only have taken away the right to marry for same sex couples but it would also have allowed for direct discrimination.

Concord Monitor Article
The Vote – A “nay” vote is what we wanted!

Many powerful and well funded forces nationally (National Organization for Marriage) have been trying to influence the vote and repeal equality.  This vote is an example of how citizens working together with organizations like Standing Up for NH Families and our own local coalition Monadnock Live Free and Equal can make a huge difference.

Thank you for all your love and support!


Monadnock Live Free and Equal


Monadnock Live Free and Equal is a Coalition of concerned citizens, faith leaders and organizations in southwestern New Hampshire who are working together for Marriage Equality in the State of NH.  We are standing up for NH families so that all couples, including gay and lesbians have the protections and rights of marriage. We work in collaboration with Standing Up for NH Families, a statewide organization.

Be one of the 1,138 supporters of Marriage Equality in the Monadnock Region! Sign the PETITION!  Our goal is to have 1,138 people in the Monadnock Region of NH sign the petition in support of civil rights for all couples.

After signing the petition please contact your legislator!  See who voted against HB 437 (above link) and let them know you appreciate their vote against discrimination.  Ask them to oppose all future attempts to discriminate.

Even though New Hampshire and six other states have made it legal for same gender couples to marry, they are still denied 1138 federal rights by virtue of their sexual orientation.

Marriage Equality should not be a political football. In 1975, in a landmark decision, the US Supreme Court declared marriage to be a “basic civil right in the orderly pursuit of happiness, of fundamental importance for ALL individuals.”

Click Here to CALL your Legislators!    Click Here to EMAIL your Legislators.

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