Celebrate Our WIN BBQ!

Monadnock Live Free and Equal invites you to share your (and our) joy with us at a Celebration BBQ!  We will feed you but we ask that you RSVP by Wednesday, April 11th.

Date:  Friday, April 13th
Time:  6pm
Where:  Home of Karen Cangialosi and Rachel Clermont,  1263 County Rd, Walpole
RSVP To:  Karen at
Please Bring:  Side dish, dessert, and/or beverage to share! 

The Rally on Jan 10 was a huge success!  Thanks to all who participated.   The comments made by Cyndy Chase were so excellent, we present them here below in cased you missed it:

“1.  Welcome to Keene and Cheshire County’s Rally to support Marriage Equality.  I choose to speak of Marriage Equality because it is the right of every citizen to choose marriage as a personal commitment.

Same Sex marriage?   NO!

Gay marriage?  NO

Why do I say this?  Simple

“Same-Sex” marriage and “Gay-Marriage” label people as


As in different

As in dangerous

As in OK to marginalize

As in OK to discriminate against

As in OK to persecute

2.  Marriage is a CIVIL RIGHT!

Civil Rights are not limited to

Only heterosexual individuals


Only those who choose traditional procreation goals


                 Only those who are at a stage in life where having

children is an option.


                 Only those with blue eyes or curly hair or IQs over 120.

None of these apply in NH.


3.  How do we know this?  Lets look at the process..

Fall in love, talk about commitment, get engaged, set a date

and then….

Go to City or Town hall and apply for a MARRIAGE


                          Fill out a form, pay your fee

Take your “permission slip” to the clergy person of your choice

OR a Justice of the Peace

Or in some states, such as Vermont, your big brother who was issued a 1 day 1 event

certificate from the state to perform the

ceremony for his sister a year bit over a year

ago at Sugarbush.

Have your ceremony and all the festivities

BUT the state does not recognize your marriage until

the certificate is signed by the officiant and filed  at

the City or Town  Clerk’s office.

Religious marriage is done when it is done.  The STATE recognizes your marriage when the certificate is filed but THE CEREMONY ITS SELF IS DELEGATED TO OTHERS!

What this says is that STATE BENEFITS OF  CIVIL marriage  are CIVIL RIGHTS        

                 conferred by the state.


4.  What does this mean when the NH House of Representatives goes to vote on HB 437?

It means that the state is voting on whose CIVIL RIGHTS

they will honor and whose they will take away.






         That fact alone should be enough to defeat HB 437.


5. Lets look at the amendment to the bill

The most important part is not the bill itself but the amendment.  Actually the amendment amends the bill in its entirety—it replaces the original bill.

Proponents sat that the bill will return us to the Civil Unions

passed in 2007.

Representative Lucy Weber from Walpole, a member of the House Committee on the Judiciary called the amendment “The Worse than Civil Unions Bill.”

Some say it merely restores civil unions but that is not true.

Creates second class citizenship for our gay and lesbian

brothers and sisters.

The language marginalizes single parent families

Gay and lesbian families

Childless couples

Infertile couples

Adoptive families

Older couples beyond child bearing years

Virtually any marriage that does not fall within this offensive

Language, taken directly from the amendment.

“Children can only be conceived naturally

through copulation by heterosexual couples

Because of this biological reality, New

Hampshire has a unique, distinct and

compelling interest in promoting stable

and committed marital unions between

                   opposite-sex couples so as to increase the

likelihood that children will be born to and

                   raised by both of their natural parents.  No

other domestic relationship presents the

                   same level of state interest.”

I ask you, “Is this the New Hampshire way?  (pause..)

6.  In 2007 NH civil unions legislation gave same-sex couples all the rights and responsibilities enjoyed by the traditionally married.

But, this amendment defines a “Civil Union” as

“a contractual agreement that provides reciprocal

benefits and obligations to the parties of the


Well, adults already can sign contracts.  Think

Gym memberships

Car repair authorizations

Educational courses

Are not our life commitments more worthy than a gym


7.  We learned during the civil rights struggle that “separate but equal” is not.

In NH in 2012 you can not make 2 classes of marriage

“separate but equal.”

Either a couple can marry with all the “rights and

responsibilities” of marriage or we create a separate

class of married couples.

Separate by definition and reality is second class

at best.

8.  Proponents of this amendment would have us believe that someone else’s non-traditional marriage threatens all marriages.

I don’t THINK so!

I will have been married to my husband Scott for 39 years on 2/17.

He is truly “the wind beneath my wings.”

Not once in all these years has my loving marriage been threatened by anyone else’s!  NOT ONCE!

In fact, we have had a number of same-sex couples in our life.

Joyce and Cheryl have been together at least 20 years

and married for the last 8.  They taught us the value of tenacity and commitment no matter what anyone else has to say.

Tamar and Kris married several years ago and are now parenting twin sons, Milo and Gus, adopted at birth.

Talk about family values.

Thomas and Tom are priests in the Episcopal Church

whose modeling of joyful commitment inspires all who

come in contact with them.

And there are others.

(This part is just beautiful!)

9.  One especially heinous part of this bill actually enshrines in law the idea that it is legal to discriminate against same-sex couples if for some reason an individual does not approve of the relationship.

WOW talk about un-American to say nothing of legalized


10.  Some so called “Religious folks” will try and extrapolate from scripture justification for their intolerance but no less a figure than Bishop Desmond Tutu of South Africa said:

“I can’t for the life of me imagine that God would say

         that I will punish you because your are black, you should

        have been born white.  I will punish you because you are a

         woman, you should have been a man.  I will punish you

         because you are homosexual, you should have been

         heterosexual.  I can’t, I can’t for the life of me believe

         that is how God sees things.”


Great quote.



Polls show between 63 and 70% of NH citizens opposed to  the repeal of Marriage Equality.

You can help me and   (Name any reps you see and know)

defeat this horrible bill by contacting your elected

representatives and telling them how you feel.

Tell them you expect them to VOTE NO on HB 437

Then, if you can, bundle up and come to the lawn of the State

House that scheduled day,

(Except we don’t really know what day yet but it appears to be January 18th.)

Bring your friends and neighbors and as many others as you can.

Make lots and lots of noise!

Make sure every member of the House knows you are

there; and why.

This is one horrible bill that needs to just go away and never

again see the light of day..

Lets not start this new year by depriving any group of citizens their civil rights or their rights to their pursuit of personal happiness.

Thank you”



On January 10, the evening of the Republican Presidential primary, loving and committed couples, faith leaders, families and straight allies will gather on Central Square in Keene to stand up for all NH families, asking the NH Legislature to vote no on HB437 so that the rights and protections of marriage will remain in place for same-sex couples.
The Monadnock Live Free and Equal Coalition will host a rally focusing on equality prior to the vote on HB 437, the bill that seeks to repeal the popular Marriage Equality Law of 2009 and discriminate against current and future gay and lesbian couples. The group is calling upon Republican and Democratic Representatives to not pass a law that would allow for direct discrimination based solely upon sexual orientation.
The bill is scheduled to be heard on either January 11 or January 18 by the NH House of Representatives.  A majority of NH Republican leadership in the House adamantly opposes equal rights for gay citizens.
Speakers, music and a candlelight vigil will be held from 6-8p in the gazebo, downtown Keene.   Participants are asked to wear purple and bring rainbow flags. Candles will be provided. Organizing partners include the United Church of Christ (UCC), PFLAG, St. James Episcopal Church and AIDS Services for the Monadnock Region.  The UCC will open its doors to participants for restroom facilities and serve as a warming station, ringing the church bell at the head of the Square as a call to action.
Susan MacNeil, Executive Director of AIDS Services and Coalition organizer, hopes for a large crowd.  “We have built a substantial base of supporters over the last twelve months who believe that separate but equal is never equal.  No doubt the evening will bring cold weather, but the fire for equality always burns bright and demands action.  We expect to send a message to NH legislators that we will not tolerate legislated discrimination when it comes to equality for NH’s gay and lesbian citizens.”
The Coalition is a participating partner with the statewide organization, Standing Up for NH Families.  For more information about the rally, visit Monadnock Live Free and Equal on Facebook, visit the website at or call AIDS Services at 357-6855.



On Tuesday, September 20, the 17-year-old policy that has required gay service men and women to hide their sexual orientation, known as Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, will officially end. Kayla Calkin, the regional field director for Obama for America will represent the President at this momentous occasion.

The law was signed by President Bill Clinton on December 21, 1993 under the full title, Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, Don’t Pursue and was intended as a compromise policy to allow gay and lesbian service-members to remain in the military. The impetus for the policy was the death of Allen R. Schindler, Jr, a Navy Radioman Petty Officer Third Class who was brutally murdered by a fellow shipmate Japan on October 27, 1992 for being gay.

Repeal Day celebrations will be held around the country. The Monadnock Live Free and Equal Coalition host the event at the Keene Public Library Auditorium on by showing the film, Serving in Silence: The Margarethe Cammermeyer Story (1995) starring Glenn Close. Cammermeyer was a Colonel in the National Guard who was discharged for disclosing that she was a lesbian, and went on to win a court case in 1994 that resulted in her reinstatement.

The celebration will begin at 6:00pm with refreshments and the film will be shown at 7:00pm. For more information, contact Susan MacNeil at 603-357-6855, visit Monadnock Live Free and Equal Facebook page or email


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